Cardiff Centre

Latest Data: Updated 22/07/2024 08:00 GMT

Parameter Index Band Concentration Period
O3 2 LOW 43 µg/m3 8 Hour mean
PM10 1 LOW 6 µg/m3 (Ref.eq) 24 Hour mean
PM2.5 1 LOW 3 µg/m3 (BAM) 24 Hour mean
SO2 1 LOW 1 µg/m3 15 Minute mean
NO2 1 LOW 6 µg/m3 hourly mean
CO No Data 0.0 mg/m3 8 Hour mean
NO No Data 1 µg/m3 hourly mean
NOXasNO2 No Data 8 µg/m3 hourly mean

Note: Values are based on provisional data. Data are GMT hour ending.

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Parameter Parameter Name
O3 Ozone
NO Nitric Oxide
NO2 Nitrogen dioxide
NOXasNO2 Nitrogen oxides as nitrogen dioxide
SO2 Sulphur dioxide
CO Carbon Monoxide
GE10 Particulates < 10um (hourly measured)
PM25 Particulates < 2.5um (hourly measured)

Statistics for Cardiff Centre

Site Name Cardiff Centre
Site Type Urban centre
Easting, Northing 318416, 176526
Latitude, Longitude 51.481780, -3.176250
OS Grid Ref ST1841276530
Address Frederick Street, City Centre, Cathays, Cardiff
Site Comments The monitoring station is within a self-contained, air-conditioned housing located within a pedestrianised area. The nearest road is some 200 metres distance with a flow of 27,000 vehicles per day and is subject to periodic congestion during peak periods. The manifold inlet is located approximately 3 metres above ground level. The surrounding area comprises retail and business premises.
Monitoring Network: Welsh Automatic Urban pollution Monitoring
Parameter Date Started Date Ended
1,3-Butadiene 05/09/2002 10/09/2007
mp-Xylene 05/09/2002 10/09/2007
Benzene 05/09/2002 10/09/2007
o-Xylene 05/09/2002 10/09/2007
Ethyl Benzene 05/09/2002 10/09/2007
Toluene 05/09/2002 10/09/2007
Volatile PM10 (Hourly measured) 19/02/2006 10/09/2020
Carbon Monoxide 12/05/1992
Modelled Temperature 01/08/2010
Ozone 12/05/1992
Non-volatile PM2.5 (Hourly measured) 12/08/2008 10/09/2020
Nitric Oxide 12/05/1992
Modelled Wind Speed 01/08/2010
Particulates < 2.5um (hourly measured) 12/08/2008
Volatile PM2.5 (Hourly measured) 12/08/2008 10/09/2020
Nitrogen dioxide 12/05/1992
Modelled Wind Direction 01/08/2010
Non-volatile PM10 (Hourly measured) 19/02/2006 10/09/2020
Sulphur dioxide 12/05/1992
Particulates < 10um (hourly measured) 12/05/1992
Nitrogen oxides as nitrogen dioxide 12/05/1992

The photographs show the site itself, and views looking North, East, South and West.

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