Data of air quality monitoring networks in Wales were combined with the National Atmospheric Disposal List (NAEI) Pollution Leakage data in the UK to prepare detailed maps (1km) of the average or top pollution levels, across the country. The maps set out below - have been calibrated and checked against UK and Wales monitoring data - showing the areas with pollution problems and the most direct and cost effective way of managing air quality problems.

About this ambient air quality map

This interactive tool allows you to explore ambient air quality concentration data from Defra's national Pollution Climate Mapping modelling.

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** Important Notes:

The UK's annual compliance assessment is based on both modelling and monitoring and therefore analysis of the modelling results in this GIS tool alone will not give the overall compliance result as reported to the Commission each year.

For comparison with Directive Limit and Target Values, data should be rounded to integers for all pollutants except Cadmium and BaP which should be rounded to 1 d.p.

PM10 data before 2004 is TEOM is tapered element oscillating microbalance(TEOM), while 2004 onwards is Gravimetric Equivalent.

There are no CO maps after 2010. Due to low concentrations assessed by Defra across the UK, the modelling for this pollutant is no longer required.

Emissions data can be explored with the National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory maps.

Licencing Information

All derived data downloads are made available and licensed under the Open Government Licence. Underlying datasets and base maps include information from

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© Crown copyright and database rights licensed under Defra's Public Sector Mapping Agreement with Ordnance Survey (licence No. 100022861) and the Land and Property Services Department (Northern Ireland) MOU206. See also OS Open Data.

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