How Air Quality Varies Around Your School

Air pollution will vary around your school for different reasons. We expect air pollution to be higher nearest to roads due to the vehicles.  

Van Cars, vans and buses which run on petrol or diesel (a fossil fuel) emit pollutants and the closer you are to them, the higher the pollution levels will be.

In the school car park, pollution will be higher at the start and end of the school day. This is because cars will be moving and emitting pollution. Outside of these times the pollution is expected to be much lower.

CarIn open spaces, such as your school playing fields, air pollution is expected to be lower. This is due to there being no pollution being emitted nearby. In large open spaces, any pollutants can be quickly blown away, especially on windy days.

If you would like to carry out a monitoring study around your school contact us.

A teachers pack which provides information to support the Young Dragons website can be downloaded: Teachers Pack